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Epoxy Coating transforms concrete floors into a work of art.  It’s also very durable.  Whether an entryway, office, reception area or conference room, you’re sure to stand out in the crowd. We can even add your company logo!  Want a new look for your residence? We’ll customize a design just for you! We can also apply epoxy protection to your basement and garage floors. Don’t delay, contact us today.  FREE QUOTES!

Decorative epoxy coating for concrete floors is ideal for a conference or showroom, office, lobby or entryway.  Enhancing your company's appearance is a step in the right direction. We'll customize your floor design and even include your company logo! 

Contact "Waters Services & Painting" today and we'll create that new look you want and deserve!

Tired of drab-looking concrete?  Add design, while protecting your floor! Transformation is just around the corner... whether it's your business, residence, a garage or basement. We have an eye for detail and will work to attain that special look you've been wanting. 

"Waters Services & Painting" is just a click away!  Contact us today!

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